Kingdome of Saudi Arabia

Our Services

Audit sector offers the following services

Audit sector offers the following services:

  1. Appling firm’s external audit and issue auditor's report on the financial statements..
  2. Assess and develop the internal control system.

Transforming financial statements to fit in with the International Financial Reporting Standards, as well as the qualifying team financial management companies to comply with the International Standards binding requirements as of 2017, according to the requirements of regulatory authorities.

Professional services sector offers the following services

Professional services sector offers the following services:

  1. Provide of zakat and tax consulting.
  2. Financial and legal consulting in the field of establishing of new companies and the transformation of existing companies into joint stock companies.
  3. Giving technical and professional opinion in the arbitration of financial and accounting issues and disputes.
  4. Internal audit and issuance of technical and professional reports, establishment and restructuring of specialized departments and internal audit for our clients
Services of the Financial Consulting Sector
  1. Preparation of feasibility studies for new projects and expansions of existing projects (economic, marketing, financial).
  2. Financial evaluation and the determination of fair value according to different methods of assessment (in cases of participation or acquisition or divestment).
  3. Financial and economic consulting and technical studies related to the financial restructuring, development and follow-up implementation.
  4. Sector and field studies and researches.
Administrative and strategic consulting services sector
  1. Administrative and organizational evaluation and management consulting related to organizational development, administrative and follow up their implementation.
  2. Design and development of administrative and organizational structures and preparation of rules and regulations, policies and build the organizational manual and the formulation of job descriptions and structure of salaries, wages and design performance evaluation programs for employees.
  3. The training of financial and administrative cadres applied to specialized courses to raise the efficiency and development of training plans and identify training needs.
  4. Preparation of business organizations strategies and direct it towards future strategic vision and what that include from analysis of this vision of strategic targets.
  5. Guiding the team to analyze the strategic objectives and tactical goals to draw ideas for the formulation of plans and programs for executive work, and this requires the preparation of planning budgets and the drafting of the follow-up implementation programs that achieve strategic goals.
  6. Pick and choose the professional competencies in the administrative and financial fields for our customers from both within and outside the Kingdom reverting the latest methods of polarization  and  appointment.
  7. Structuring and organizing family businesses to ensure the growth and continuity with the conservative position on social programs links with economic development and maximize owners' rights.